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Applications with large amount of users and interactions that effectively meet all system requirements. Basically this applications will minimize latency and provide responses to user actions very quickly.


Set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets.


DINGS Server and Desktop solutions are focused on your business requirements in mind with goal to reduce the cost, risk and complexity of deploying systems.


Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies and used to develop video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites.

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Our Team

Nino Peran Board Member

Tallest guy in the office, but he always stays low profile. Nino has many characteristics of a quality board member. He is flexible, confident, persistent and has great discipline. Attention to detail is one of his strengths because it demonstrates that we're thorough which in turn inevitably builds trust with our customers.

Dino Dedić Board Member

Huge business enthusiast and young manager with the background in economics. Dino’s professional strength in business organization and project management is helping us to act fast and smart. He likes to stress the important things and provide useful advice which improves our business processes and efficiency.

Leo Govorko Senior developer

Born in Split, raised in Zagreb. He is our bug guy. An experienced master software engineer and application developer specializing in Unity3D, Web and full stack development. Leo builds mobile apps using best-of-breed tools and a range of features that deliver an exceptional user design and experience. Behind the scenes, Leo is a night bird, loves to listen to loud music and play PC games.

Kristian Ačkar Senior developer

He is our human machine that turns coffee into code. Kristian gained experience in Web and full-stack development working at Core Incubator. With his extremely practical approach to web design, he can create solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

Can you imagine a developer who plays football, while reading history books and cradling his baby girl in his hands? If not, Kristian is your refrence.

Andrej Soldo Senior game developer

Tall, dark and handsome! Plus, he is also a very good game developer. He can guide you through the whole process, game story, logic, and programming. Currently, he is trying to master Kendo so sometimes he brings his wooden sword in the office.

Branko Špiljak Senior developer

When we have an unsolvable problem, give it to Branko and it will be solved. More than 30 years of experience, mathematics guru that works behind the scenes. In his spare time, he likes to play his favorite game, bridge.

Nino Pavičić Business Development Manager

His moto is, „Nothing is impossible“. Online 24/7, always looking for new ways to improve. You will always hear him speaking in the office, maybe that's because he is a member of a public speaking club, Toastmasters Zagreb. When he is not speaking, he spends his time reading books and walking his dog, Charlie.

Frane Konjevoda Frontend Developer

Even though he lived in cities like Geneve and Budapest, he finds Zagreb the perfect fit for him and his family. His international experience and his vibrant character make him a valuable member of our team. When he is not solving client problems he is spending his time playing with his daughter.

Mario Pavlović Frontend Developer

If you are looking for a source of fresh ideas, look no further! He has new ideas for websites and businesses at least 3 times a week. Lately, he is very interested in cryptocurrencies, so he is always talking around the office where we should we invest. We like to invest in him.

Tea Trakoštanec Frontend Developer

When you think that something is perfect, you just give it to Tea. She will find a mistake, even though it's only a few pixels big. To keep her hands warm and her mind sharp she likes to wear hear hoodie upside down. We admit, it's pretty creative.

Erik Badovinac Business Development Manager

Young, ambitious and straight to the point. Erik was born in Canada and raised in Croatia which makes him our go-to guy for foreign customer communication. He always has fresh ideas for business and can write up a storm! When he is not writing or translating you can find him up in the mountains with his father making wine.


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